How To: Customize a DeepWalk Web Map on ArcGIS

May 21, 2024

Learn how to customize your DeepWalk web map on ArcGIS online to include custom styling and map layers. Once customized on ArcGIS online, the changes will propagate back onto the DeepWalk web map.


0:01 Hi everybody, I'm going to walk through how to customize the DeepWalk web map on ArcGIS Online and we'll see how that propagates back to this web map that we made in the previous demo walkthrough things that we do.

0:16 So we got our web map here that's already been sent over to ArcGIS Online. I'm going to find my web map and I'm going to open it in the map viewer.

0:26 As you can see this matches with the one we were just looking at over on DeepWalk. So the first thing we're going to customize is we're going to update this layer name to curb ramp view and say OK. The reason these are named the way they are is you're not allowed to have multiple items in ArcGIS

0:51 with the same name, so we attached a timestamp and the project number on there so they're all independent so you can have multiple maps at the same time.

0:59 So we made that change the next day The next thing we're going to do is we're going to turn off all the other layers so we can actually see what we're looking at And wow, there we go, it's fantastic, we have only our curb ramps showing And then the next thing we're going to do is Say if we don't like

1:16 the styling That I came up with for our curb ramps. We're going to Say  let's change The good curb ramps to blue So we can now they're blue Press done there So we made that change and then the last change we're going to make is we will add a living atlas layer.

1:42 So the living atlas is an ArcGIS library of interesting layers that are available and I'm thinking I'm going to add some census information to our map.

1:54 So census and let's use the population characteristics. So that's now been added to our map. I'm going to drag this to the bottom so we can actually see.

2:08 And then I'm going to make it transparent so we can see our base layer a little better. Alright, there we go.

2:24 Great to see. So, looking great. Let's see if we can get that to propagate back to DeepWalk. So all I have to do is save the web app.

2:34 And then go back to DeepWalk and refresh. Then I have to go through authentication again. Woah, everything's changed.

2:55 So let's check that everything propagated. Uh, our Curb Ramp View has been changed to Curb Ramp View. We've turned off all these extra layers that we had on earlier.

3:04 So we just have this one. Our good curb ramps are now blue, and then we also have this census layer available.

3:16 So that's just a couple of examples on how you can customize the web map and have the data propagate back to DeepWalk.

3:25 Thanks, enjoy.